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Her name is Castiel (Version2) by CrazyAboutMusic Her name is Castiel (Version2) :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 14 6 Thistle by CrazyAboutMusic Thistle :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 0 0 Defence by CrazyAboutMusic Defence :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 1 0 Fountain of Light by CrazyAboutMusic Fountain of Light :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 0 0 Peacock 2 by CrazyAboutMusic Peacock 2 :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 55 19
"Remind me again, why are we studying the outside of a police box?" John Watson questioned, getting a tad impatient with Sherlock Holmes "enigmatic" ways; for once he would love it if he were simply told the reasons for why they were doing something before that something actually occurred.
"This isn't normal." He responded, cryptic as usual as he examined the phone with careful concentration. Before the doctor could inquire what wasn't normal the detective had already started speaking. "This box is made in the 1960s style which makes it at least, what? 42 years? However the paint is at most two years. Of course that could simply mean it is kept in good order but then there's the phone."
"The phone?"
"Yes the phone, it isn't working- no... it's never worked. If it had simply been disconnected then there would be no abnormality... but the wires aren't in the right order so it wasn't created to work. There is also the rain, according to reports it only stopped raining roughly an hour ago
:iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 124 33
Mature content
Close Relations Part 2 :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 12 13
Close Relations Part 1
"I'm not going to some silly family meal Mycroft." Sherlock informed his brother firmly; his voice loudening a little at the end.
"Don't be so petty, Sherlock. Mummy will be very upset if you don't attend." Mycroft replied sternly, ignoring the glower he was receiving from his younger sibling.  "Dr. Watson can come as well, if you would prefer." He suggested his gaze flickering to the much shorter blonde who was standing next to Sherlock, before returning back to his brother.
"And why would he want to come to such an inevitable disaster?" Came the retort quickly cutting across anything his companion had to say on the idea; knowing only two well how curious John was to meeting his parents. He wanted to know if they were anything like he and his brother – the thing was though, they were much, much worse. Then came the response he had been waiting for, the one his overly intelligent relation had used countless times, knowing how well it worked.
"Why don't we hear wha
:iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 19 29
Fish by CrazyAboutMusic Fish :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 0 1 Megamind by CrazyAboutMusic Megamind :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 1 1 Bow ties are cool by CrazyAboutMusic Bow ties are cool :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 16 0
Not so brotherly love
"Mycroft," His mother began in a berating tone. "You're late again." He looked apologetic, but this did nothing to stop what he knew was coming. "You have been going that Diogenes Club again, haven't you? Well I'm not surprised-"
"Mummy, you called me here about Sherlock." He interrupted knowing only too well that if he let her continue he would be standing on the doorstep forever.
"Yes, of course. He's upstairs in his room. He has not been down out in a week, ever since that boy died, Carl Powers." His mum informed him in a worried voice as she let him inside. "His grades are slipping as well." She added.
"I'll speak to him," Mycroft assured her, wondering to himself as he headed up what could possibly be the matter this time, he was also curious to see if his younger brother had made any attempt this year to make friends. Despite the fact he would be soon be leaving for university.
The family home was situated in the middle of the countryside, and actually quite near to where he hims
:iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 15 9
A battle of wills: Chapter 4
Baiting the beast
Erik was unsurprised when he saw Sherlock and Watson at the door of his home, it seemed to be a daily occurrence now, though despite this it still was able to annoy. He guessed that it would go in the same way as the last three meetings, questions, short answers, and a show of anger from himself. But it was time to break the chain in his opinion, so instead he did not answer the door and Nathan currently could not either. He felt a brief pity for the man, since he knew his rage had overcome rational thought; however he was not one to apologise or go back on his punishment.  He peered from the window again, and saw they had gone.  Thank goodness.
However his relief was short lived as he heard a clatter and a thud downstairs before the sound of hushed whispers.  Were they really this desperate? No, the Sherlock man had figured it all out way before he even questioned him. Well most of it. So what other reason would- Nathan. The sudde
:iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 2 2
Peacock by CrazyAboutMusic Peacock :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 8 1 Turkey by CrazyAboutMusic Turkey :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 12 7 The 11th Doctor and company. by CrazyAboutMusic The 11th Doctor and company. :iconcrazyaboutmusic:CrazyAboutMusic 22 6


General Anne by Rosolino General Anne :iconrosolino:Rosolino 115 11 Colored Centaur by iesnoth Colored Centaur :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 94 20 The Summer Zephyr by NautilusL2 The Summer Zephyr :iconnautilusl2:NautilusL2 123 23 Runaway Prince (closed!) by PupKnight Runaway Prince (closed!) :iconpupknight:PupKnight 55 16 Never Lose the Race by morigami Never Lose the Race :iconmorigami:morigami 51 7 Rhavaniel Reference by forstyy Rhavaniel Reference :iconforstyy:forstyy 28 13 CG-Trade - Kushana by Sireia CG-Trade - Kushana :iconsireia:Sireia 17 2 Eleanor by fydraws Eleanor :iconfydraws:fydraws 47 1 C O M | Sweet Nothings by Humanarchy C O M | Sweet Nothings :iconhumanarchy:Humanarchy 47 3 [AUCTION END] Adoption - Slavic Centaur by Quelfarii [AUCTION END] Adoption - Slavic Centaur :iconquelfarii:Quelfarii 77 5 Centaur by znodden Centaur :iconznodden:znodden 147 14 Commission - Cyreil by TheOnlyJero 02 by Miss-Pannacotta Commission - Cyreil by TheOnlyJero 02 :iconmiss-pannacotta:Miss-Pannacotta 132 22 Centaur by PereDevesa Centaur :iconperedevesa:PereDevesa 100 4 DT for Screeches by Hauket DT for Screeches :iconhauket:Hauket 110 12 Bust Session 2015 by raka-raka Bust Session 2015 :iconraka-raka:raka-raka 395 66 Faun - sketch by AaronMiller Faun - sketch :iconaaronmiller:AaronMiller 93 3



United Kingdom
I'm a writer... or at least I like to write in my spare time. I'm new to drawing on a tablet however I'm a compulsive doodler so I have a lot of practice :P.

I'm currently taking some free requests so I'm more pressured to practice more. And I would also like LOT'S of constructive criticism to help me improve.

Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Any and Every Kind
Favourite photographer: Steve Mccurry
Favourite style of art: Stylised
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Red Hood and Nightcrawler
Sorry for not updating, at all, recently I just really haven't had the motivation; although I have almost finished my part 2 to the WhoLock fic and I will get it up soon. I'm also working on a Crobby fic, though that one is very slow moving and will probably not be finished anytime this year.

Anywho the reason for this very long overdue update is cosplaying. Recently I finished my fem Castiel costume which I wore to an awesome - and slightly weird - photoshoot thing last weekend and started thinking about doing a Q and A blog on tumblr for it. I follow quite a few myself such as Team Free Derp and I thought that it might be good fun, however I have no bloody clue on how to start it. Which leads me to my point - if anyone has any ideas on how I can begin please share!

On another note I'm going to be going to a convention in Plymouth on the 9th of December with
so if anyone reading this is going I'd love to know. <3.
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